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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Wasn't Ready to Raise A Kid

I woke up in the morning with one missed call from my sister and a text that said “call me please!” I opened the phone to see what time she called and saw it was 3AM.  She’s pregnant, that’s all I thought.  I didn’t even consider anything else I just knew.  Turns out she peed on that stick then called me the second it said positive.  She cried and said she didn’t know what to do, I told her whatever she did I would understand and help her.  She and her boyfriend decided that they wanted to keep the baby.  Well deciding to keep a baby was easy but telling everyone wasn’t.

 It was just me living in the house at the time with my parents, my brother and my sister lived together about a half an hour away.  Well my sister picked the best night to tell my parents OVER THE PHONE. I guess I don’t blame her, knowing me I would have done it in text or something.  I was sitting in the room attached to the kitchen where my parents were sitting at the table laughing together.  My sister called me and I ran upstairs, she said she wanted to warn me she was about to do it and I should go in my room.  I told her I would be there when she told them so I hung up the phone and ran back downstairs and took my original spot on the couch.  I heard my mom’s phone ring… my heart was racing..

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