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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some REAL Tips on Being A Good, Genuine Boyfriend.

I don't know everything but I can start with my own experiences and opinions.
I like to use the suggested word link feature on hubpages I link as many different articles as possible. I don't really know if anyone clicks on them but I usually end up reading the persons entry if I link it to my page. I like adifferent range of posts and usually add it before I read it.
I don't really mind this post, it is called "Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend" I saw the title and added it. The reason I still don't mind it that much now is because it is better then the usual hubs I am used to seeing. With vindictive titles about how to get back at your ex or cheat on your significant other. I don't like those at all so I would say I can't complain about this post.
I do really disagree with it though.
In his hub he says you should sharesweet things with the person you love. I agree that is all nice and everything but, when you keep reading it gives you these little phrases you should say to your girlfriend.
It mirrors the similar lingo they use on pet help blogs, "Remember your dog needs to know you love them, so make sure you praise them constantly and give them treats." BLAH! What woman wants to be talked to that way? If has worked in the passed for you I am guessing the woman didn't understand what she was missing.
Does this really work? Not in myexperience, not the ones you want to spend any kind of real time with anyway.
I noticed a couple comments that were left on the hub, giving examples of everyday phrases we have all heard a million times. "I was looking at the stars and I was pairing each one with a reason of why I love you but I ran out ofstars." OK so that is sweet. I understand it is the idea behind it, but really thats not much of an idea. That didn't take much work. How much work does it take to say you love someone? I can say it right now, I love you I love you I love you.
We are not your pets, and we are not as stupid or easy to swoon as you think. It is only easy if you are really in love. If you are really in love you don't need to look up these sweet little phrases. Just show her. Have sex with her. Girls want to feel wanted just as much as the next person.
In the post he suggest telling her hewants to take her on a romantic trip. Thats nice. Really that is all I think. I want to do lots of things what is your point? That is really sweet, if you tell her why and what you want to do. Otherwise how is thatpersonal? Why not actually take her somewhere instead. Or if you can't afford that, which I can completely understand, don't just mention this vague random trip you want to take them on. Make it specific to both of you, and say why, for example that you want to be alone with her.. whatever your reasons are. You know why you are with her and no one can sit here and give you a list of reasons why you love your significant other.
It is all about being genuine and about being honest. Don't mindlessly tell yourgirlfriend you think she is beautiful. whatever you feel about her looks say it. If you think she looks extra pretty at a moment say it then. Don't say it when you feel like you haven't said it in a while. Its better for you too, because now you are actually taking time to appreciate your relationship in an honest way.
Hey I am no expert on this stuff. Every girl is different, but in my experience I have seen girls complain that they felt like their boyfriend didn't want them sexually more then anything else. No matter how many times my female friends boyfriends told them how beautiful they were it wasn't enough. They wanted to feel wanted. If you want them, and they want to feel wanted, why not show them! Its not so complicated, girls aren't from another planet like a lot of people like to speculate, in fact that is the problem.
Woman are not as different from men as everyone thinks, and this type of thinking is part of the problem. When you approach a girl like she is an alien you are only going to say these mechanical phrases you have always been told girls want to hear. Men want there egos boosted, right? Well so do women, figure out how to do that and you are golden.
That is all I have for you now. If you want me to post your links in my hubs just write about a topic that is related to something iv written and ill add you at the bottom of my post. Its that easy :)

Dedicated to my perfect boyfriend TheJamesPope


Rohit said...

Hi Katie,

How are you doing?.

Well, the post is quite interesting and I would like to see more such posts from you.

I agree with you that women just want to be treated special by their boyfriends or husbands. They need that 'feel my love' thing and men need not lie in order to keep their ladies happy.

Brazilian men said...

hi there!

it is nice article. How can you notice that your boyfriend is genuine?

Cookxxie said...

hi there! it is nice article. How can you notice that your boyfriend is genuine?

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