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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Chat with Ice-T's Girlfriend

I do know that people lie about all kinds of things, I will preference this entry with that. For some reason though I really don't believe this woman was lying.

So I was working a lot and really wanted to go somewhere nice to have my hair done. I did all my research and found the best place I could.

I made an appointment and got lost looking for it but a really nice woman helped me find my way, lucky for me she was going to be doing my hair.

It was a really nice place but I always feel uneasy at hair salons, like everyone is staring at me and I feel out of place. My hair dresser finally convinced me to let her get me one of their fancy shmancy drinks.

I ended up having a great time talking with the woman about everything you can imagine, when she brought up her own relationships and that she was now married.

She then went on to ask me if I had ever heard of the rapper Ice-T. I mean it sounded familiar but honestly I had no idea.

Turns out she dated the guy! I almost spit out my fancy fruit flavored ice cubes! She went on and on about how everyone would think dating a musician would be fun and exciting but how wrong they are.

My favorite story she told was one where they were both laying around their house and he was supposed to perform for some event. He didn't even want to move to get off the couch but she forced him.

When he got there he performed just like you would think with all this energy and all the girls were going crazy for him. Her response was, "hey you can have him, you can fight over the remote every night i'm done!"

Well i know Ice-Tea now. Apparently it came out he has a kid no one knew about and he was arrested for masturbating outside of a strip club.

All I wonder when I here that story is, damn how many clients did that woman proudly tell she dated Ice-T, just for him to come back into the news for masturbating in public.

Sometimes I can't even believe the hilarious shit that happens these days.

thats all for now :)

oh and P.S.
I paid $150 bucks for a plain ass cut and color. Oh well.


Brendan said...

Cut, color, and conversation about Ice-T

Sheryl said...

Mmm I dated Ice Tea in 1985. He borrowed $20 and never paid me back. If you see him tell him I want my $20!

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